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We had a couple recent exciting Oh Heck matches and here are how they turned out:

Easter 2102

Still need to post this.

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving and day after Thanksgiving Oh Heck competition at our house.  We almost had the full Gardner clan.  The Gardner parents were still in town instead of being out in NM.  Unfortunately Mike was sick and still in VA.  Also Ava wasn't feeling well the 2nd day so with Andy's help along with Skype, she was still able to play remotely.  We might be able to do more of this in the future now we know we can.  We also had a webcam showing the cards on the TV to make it easier to see for those sitting a distance away.  And finally, the 2nd game we experimented with the scoring and tried the following: 10 points for taking the number of tricks called and 2 points for each trick taken even if we didn't take the right number of tricks.  This prompted me to create a spreadsheet for future rounds of play that can make it easier to make sure scoring is right.  As it was while creating spreadsheet, I did find two scoring errors (1 in each game).  No change in winners or anything like that.  Anyhow, the first game had newcomer Darrin along with Barb tied for first while the 2nd game was won by Henry (with Alex's help).  With the second game and new scoring, I compared it to the old scoring and the places would not have changed but the new scoring did give more people a chance at winning.  If we went with 3 points per trick then places would change some.

Spreadsheet [in zip file]
used Excel 2010 and should still work with Excel 2007

Nov 24 Results [pdf]

Nov 25 Results [pdf]

April 2011 (Easter Eve)

Easter Eve at our house and started another round which finished up at the Dremann parent's house.
A tie with Barb and Mark on round 1.  What happened to Mike?
Bob took the 2nd round in a modified short round.

November 2010 (Thanksgiving)

We got two rounds in for Thanksgiving weekend.  Zach was 1st in one and last in the other.
Mark won the other as Alison took care of future Oh Heck player Adam.

April 2010 (Easter Eve)

Easter was a bit different this year with parents moving
but we still did what we could to maintain a tradition.  Some new characters this year.
Barb showed the new people how it is done while Zach showed how not to do it.

November 2008 (Thanksgiving)

On Nov 27, 2008 we went to 7 and back
We have a tie between Mark and Chuck with Barb just a hair behind.
We also have a tie for LAST between Jeff and Alex with Alison just a hair ahead.
And there is Zach just sitting in the middle.

March 2008

On March 22, 2008 we went to 10 and back
Everyone thinks I win all the time but I don't think that is the case.
This time however, I did win!  Yeah me!
Alex popped in at the last second to take second
And last year's winner was this year in last - Jane.


April 2007

On April 7, 2007 we went to 6 and back
I lost by ONE measly point.  Z lost by two massive points!
And the Winner is ... Jane!!!!
(And the LOSER - by a staggering 33 points, Bob)

April 2006

Easter 2006 shows AT as the big winner followed by Chuck.  At the other end of the scale is AL.  Is AT Alison and AL Alex or was there someone else?

June 2005

On June 10, 2005 Zach came from behind and pulled it out at the last second over his Mom.  That is just one side effect of Z on Lime Pepsi.  But what happened to Mark?

With two extra rounds on June 11, Jeff started slow but came on strong for the win but this time what happened to the score keeper Mike (or should I say Mark)?

I think we need to get together again and let Mark or Mike win a game.  Come on over anytime and we'll have it out.  Just keep the Lime Pepsi and M&Ms coming and you never know who we may call in the middle of the night with results or belated birthday wishes!

April 10, 2004 (Easter Eve)

On Easter eve 2004, Jeff managed to get the bid ever hand and only bet one once.  Mark almost did the same thing but went down the one time he bet 1.  Five people went down only once.  Alison finished last.

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